Single session chairwork (or Brief Dialogical Psychotherapy) offers a focused, effective, and supportive experience of chairwork in one appointment.

Who is SSC suitable for?

Research indicates that chairwork provided in a single-session format can be effective. Single session chairwork (SSC) is suitable for individuals who want to address a specific concern and believe that one session might be useful. A willingness to work in a way which is focused, experimental, and intense is also important. SSC is also useful for therapists who would like to experience chairwork prior to committing to training or longer-term psychotherapy.

What issues can I bring to SSC?

This is entirely up to you. SSC can focus on personal (e.g. therapy-related) or professional (e.g. coaching-related) issues. SSC is best applied to a single issue which you feel ready to explore or address. This might relate to starting the process of tackling a problem, reaching a decision, developing insight into an issue, or becoming ‘unstuck’.

What does SSC involve?

The aim of SCC is help individuals take steps towards positive change, as well as generating some ideas or strategies to try out. It also incorporates specific interventions which are designed to make chairwork as safe and helpful as possible. SSC takes place during one 90-minute appointment, although all of this time might not be needed.

Where can I access more information about SSC?

Please read the SSC Information Sheet below.

How do I arrange an SSC appointment?

Please ensure that you have read the SSC Information Sheet before requesting an appointment. If you would like to book a session, please complete the Intake Form and sign the Terms and Conditions form (both at the bottom of this page) and return these to We will then contact you to arrange a meeting.

Cost-free SSC sessions

We offer a limited number of cost-free SSC appointments each month. These sessions are free of charge, although individuals are welcome to make discretionary payments to their therapist or our nominated charity (Versus Arthritis). Please contact us for more information.


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