Chairwork was founded by Matthew Pugh and Tobyn Bell, with the aim of promoting the application, research, and dissemination of chairwork in psychotherapy, supervision, and coaching.

Matthew and Tobyn have trained hundreds of professionals over the course of their careers and are actively involved in ongoing studies examining the effectiveness of chairwork.

Supported by a growing team of carefully selected clinicians and coaches, Chairwork prides itself on delivering high-impact training and therapy which is effective, innovative, and evidence-based.

Meet our team

Matthew Pugh

Matthew is a Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Advanced Schema Therapist, Voice Dialogue Facilitator, Single Session Therapist, researcher, and author.

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Tobyn Bell

Tobyn is a Compassion Focused Therapist, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Schema Therapist, Trainer, Supervisor, researcher, and author.

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Natalie Broome

Natalie is an award-winning Learning and Development Specialist and Executive Coach.

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Alison Dixon

Alison is a senior Psychological Therapist and Supervisor.

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Caroline Salter

Caroline is Senior Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Analytic Practitioner, supervisor, and trainer.

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